Kaminu Backpackers Hostel Barranco, 2 de mayo 138, Barranco, Lima - Perú: +51 990 309 726, +51 1 318 33 56

We are Kaminu Backpackers Hostels in Barranco

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KAMINU Backpackers Hostels invites you to enjoy our facilities.

Our hostel is located in Lima´s historic and bohemian Barranco district only 200 meters from the beach.
Most hostels are the same, but we guarantee a quiet space with a pleasant atmosphere especially equipped for backpackers such as yourself. 

KAMINU Backpackers Hostels is friendly and welcoming and you will find comfort and a good atmosphere. We offer you cosy shared rooms where all beds have comfortable mattresses, which ensure your health and a good rest. We also have ample lockers where you can store your things safely.

You can enjoy the smell of the sea and watch the sundown while sunbathing on our charming and spacious terrace with table football, board games, a grill and a clay oven.
We also have a filter to purify the water so you don´t have to purchase it or generate plastic trash saving money and reducing pollution.
We have separate bathrooms for men and women with 24 hour hot water.



Once you arrive at the Jorge Chávez International airport, tell the taxi driver to take you to what the locals call "The Municipal Park" in Barranco which is on San Martín Avenue; Just before crossing the Motero Bernales bridge, which is located one block before reaching the Municipal Park of Barranco, tell the taxi driver to turn left and then to the right, on the stone track, you arrive at the parking lot just below the Bridge of Sighs, you walk a few meters on the well-known street "Bajada de Baños" and there you will find KAMINU BACKPACKERS HOSTELS on a large red wall with the sign very easy to see. We have a safe taxi service to and from the airport.

Other taxi services at Jorge Chávez International Airport such as TAXI GREEN AND TAXI SATELITAL are very safe, we don´t recommend using any others. The prices are always in Nuevos Soles, make that clear to the "taxi drivers" off of the street if you take them.


AIRPORT - KAMINU S /. 65.00 Nuevos Soles, (US $ 20) our drivers are happy to wait up to one hour but more than that will result in a surcharge of S / .6 nuevos soles for an additional hour of parking (Up to 4 Pax.)

KAMINU - AIRPORT S / .65.00 Nuevos Soles, the cost of this service depends on whether it is daytime, night or peak time (up to 4 Pax.) 
(If you need additional transfer service we have a minivan, check prices and availability.)



Our hostel is located in Lima´s historic and bohemian Barranco district only 200 meters from the beach.
We are under and a few meters past this bridge (Puente de los suspiros).


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Dirección: Bajada de Baños 357, Barranco Lima - Perú   Teléfono: +51 1  3183356 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are - Kaminu Backpackers Hostels - Barranco - Lima


KAMINU Backpackers Hostel, was birthed for the purpose of providing the greatest hospitality for the world´s travelers, backpackers and tourists, offering maximum comfort during their stay, as well as to spread our loving district of BARRANCO and our country, Peru, providing the necessities for our guests to make their stay as welcoming as possible. Our staff aim to show our guests beautiful places and we also have friendly guides for the different regions of our country.


KAMINU Backpackers Hostel, wishes to offer our services in our 3 regions, the Coast, the Mountains and the Jungle, which exists in all of South America and to provide the best of each region to the delight of our travelers.


The culture of KAMINU Backpackers Hostels is to provide a personalized lodging service, seeking maximum well-being, comfort and security for our guests, in the most friendly way, as well as to spread the traditions, emblematic places and fun of our district of BARRANCO and of The city of Lima.